Alex's LegalShield journey started in 2010 at the age of 23, while he was in college at the University of Alabama. The membership saved him $1,600 for an attorney he had to hire for a speeding ticket. He then figured if it made sense, and it could make dollars.  He then graduated from college but never created a résumé or took a job because of LegalShield. In 2019, he was able to bring Julia home from her career as a nurse to be a stay-at-home mom for their two beautiful kids: George, 4, and Ella Rose, 1.  Alex will tell you..."It’s not just about what you get here; it’s also about who you become. LegalShield is not only a great financial opportunity if you commit to the system, work hard and focus on achieving results, but in this business, we also have mentors and life experiences far beyond what I could have imagined had if I had stayed at my old job." His biggest advice to new people is to PLUG IN. In 2020, they smashed their goals and earned three rings in one year! This year, it’s their goal to create at least three Ring Earners within their team and achieve the coveted position of Platinum Executive Director by helping and empowering others!


Alex Shahid
Join us as we learn from $200,000 Ring Earner, Gold Executive Director, and Regional VP for Mississippi!

SATURDAY, June 10th  

10a PT Business Overview

11a Millionaire Training by Mr. Shahid

12:30 -1p Recognition

1p - 1:30 Corporate Announcements and Game Planing

HUGE CONVENTION RECAP! Saturday Sept. 22nd! 


Registration:   10:00a  
Event Time:    10:30a - 3:45p  

Always one of our most popular events - The Recap features:

A Business Briefing by one or more Millionaire Club Members
Always one of our most popular events - The Recap features:

A Business Briefing by Susan Marie Almquist, Market Trainer former Attorney, and Mike Bishop, Network VP for OR, both $100k Ring Earners and Millionaire Club Members
Training by Millionaire Club Members, Six Figure Ring Earners, $50k Ring Earners, Executives and Rising Stars in the Northwest!
A Recap of all the exciting announcements coming out of the Leaders at All Levels Convention in Nashville, TN.


Also at 10:30a to run consecutively with the Business Briefing in English will be the Business Briefing 100% in Spanish!

GET YOUR DISCOUNTED TICKET for the next event at this event!


July 21st Super Saturday with Millionaire Club Member, $200,000 Ring Earner, Utah N.V.P. - Mr DAVE HALL!!

SPECIAL CALL! Share with your Guests and Team!                                           Mr Dave Hall, $200k Ring Earner, Platinum Executive and Utah NVP has an amazing story that will blow you away! Will you take his challenge?  CALL THIS NUMBER 1-302-202-1115  Your Pin 94556808

SCORE! We have a legend in LegalShield. This gentleman knows how to HAVE FUN and HELP PEOPLE! From working at Jiffy Lube to earning multiple six figures, can you believe we have Mr. Dave Hall as our Super Saturday Speaker?!? He will be spending some time with us in Central Oregon and look for a Performance Club Only Event on Friday, July 20th! 

Mr. Hall has the passion and the know how to help you build your business to the highest level yet! 

DoubleTree Lloyd Center 1000 NE Multnomah, Portland, OR. 


Check out his profiles of success 

MAY 12th Super Saturday with Six Figure Ring Earner, NW Leader and Performance Club for 143 months - Mr. DAMIAN SHEBER! 

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WE are so LUCKY...for the FIRST TIME EVER...we have Mr. DAMIAN SHEBER as our Special Guest Speaker! Mr. Sheber has been leading our region for many years and has now expanded his business across the US and Canada! 

  You and your team are going to want to bring as many GUESTS as possible! You will love Damian's down to earth style, sharing with you the tips and techniques that has made him successful. Just think, 10 kids AND $100k per year! Damian will show you the SYSTEM that has made him successful! 

SOME EVENTS are in the Executive Meeting area of this landmark hotel. Reduced parking at the hotel and free parking at the Lloyd Center Mall across the street. 

Join us after for food, fun and your LegalShield Family! 

Google Maps to the Doubletree 1000 NE Multnomah, Portland, OR

SUPER SATURDAY - APRIL 14th - Doubletree Lloyd Center with      MR CLIFF MALLOY, N. VP of NY & NJ, Millionaire Club, $150k Ring  Earner. Prize for most guests. Powerful Presentation and Training! 

Mr. Molloy has trained on all the big stages in the country. People still remember his training at the Super Regional in WA a few years ago. So strong! Earning over $150,000 per year, running two markets as an N.V.P. and playing a big part in the leadership of his Platinum Organization has put Ms. Malloy in an awesome position to train you and your team. You will leave inspired and with the added skills to take your business to the next level. 

We are back at the Doubletree with FREE PARKING, right on the Max and next to Lloyd Center Mall. Let's make this the biggest Super Saturday we have had in years! 

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