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It is time for a BLITZ! Let's Explode 2019! Very Special Blitz Guest - Network VP for Washington and Alaska, Millionaire Club Member  -  Mr. STEVE HOISINGTON! 

Help your guests see how they can create a dream lifestyle like Mr. Hoisington has! Having started this business while he was digging graves, he has now helped thousands and thousands of people create extra income because of his efforts, his teams efforts, and the solid philosphical foundation he has built his business on.

You will see the lifestyle. You will hear the language he uses. You will understand the system. And, most importiantly, you will BELIEVE that you can achive your dream lifestyle with our great company! 

Get your Tickets NOW! They will be $25 at the door. Discounts for Multiple tickets! These tickets will ALSO get you into the Super Sabado! 


1) Guest Event Thursday can set up BRAND NEW ASSOCIATES for FAST SUCCESS! Get in and they will have 3 more events to invite to! Mike Bishop to present. PELA in the Lloyd Center Mall. 7p Registration.


2) Friday luncheon in Vancouver gives you a chance to build your business in WA and take your guests so you get to know them better! Steve Hoisington to Present. 12-1p LaCosta Mexican at Vancouver Mall. Please plan on eating. 


3) Friday Night Social Networking - Bring your guests for a mix and mingle, if they are in business they can exchange business cards and network. We will follow the Ladies of Justice Format; "Meet your New Best Friend - Mixer" - Share stories of MEMBERSHIP Success - Fill out the 'Have you Ever' form - Prizes - Laughs - The Time to Enroll your new members. Mr. Hoisington will help lead the event. We will have more time to answer questions, enroll folks and mix and mingle some more. Please plan on eating as well. McMenamins on NE 15th and Broadway. Private Room. 6:30p start.


4) Super Saturday will run as normal, but with MORE GUESTS, 10:30 Briefing, Recognition, Corporate Announcements, Steve Hoisington Training...Doubletree Lloyd Center


AND for every NEW ASSOCIATE from Thursday, Friday Luncheon or Social, or Super Saturday event who enrolls as a member and associate, they will get one FREE ticket to our next Oregon Super Saturday! 


All this greatness and there is more! If you have contacts that would rather speak Spanish, we have that too! Launch your LegalShield in ESPANOL! Business overview starting at 4p. Training dependent on number of attendees.

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