SUPER SATURDAY - Grow your Life!

Dec. 10th- 11a Business Overview- Doubletree


Antonio "J.R." Riddle
Education, Sales
Ring Earner, Execuitve Director

As a former assistant teacher, I felt unappreciated, overworked and underpaid at my job while trying to juggle work and tend to a medical condition with my first-born daughter. I had to make a decision to keep doing what I was doing or to do something different that would get us a different result. So I took a leap of FAITH after hitting the top position in the company within the first five months of joining PPLSI and then earning a bonus. This opportunity fell in my lap at the right time because I was looking for an opportunity that would allow us to be stay-at-home parents. Taking advantage of this opportunity has allowed me the ability to build a business over time. My greatest achievement is being able to earn the $50,000 Ring in less than three years and being the first one to do so in Illinois on Team NuVision. I love the fact that it wasn’t about how much money we made, but the fact that I was able to pay off my mom’s house mortgage with the income PPLSI afforded us to earn. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity and what TNV has instilled in us, which is faith, family, finances and fitness. My advice to someone who is just getting started is to follow the system and trust in your leadership, let your WHY push you past your excuses to reach your goals.

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1000 NE Multnomah


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10:45a Doors Open

11:00a Business & Membership Overview

11:45a Getting Started Training and Recognition


1:00p   Millionaire Mindset Training

2:30p   HOLIDAY GIFT EXCHANGE ($15 - $25 gift wrapped) 

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