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Patti Davison-Smith!

National Leader for the Ladies of Justice - Millionaire Club Member - Six Figure Ring Earner - Network V.P. for British Columbia and Manitoba!

WOW! From the National Stage to the Oregon Stage! You will want to BUILD BIG for Mrs. Davison-Smith! She has proven her leadership abilities in many different areas of our business. A Market Trainer in the B2B arena for all of Western Canada, has trained across the U.S. and Canada, and is now a main force in the Ladies of Justice initiative. 


  Join us for the many events we have planned throughout Oregon. Capitalize on her energy and experience! Build your business and create freedom and purpose the way Patti has! 

Sorry you missed the lowest price at the previous event and the online advance purchase discount. They will be $25 and available at the door. Discounts for Multiple tickets to the next event at this event.

SUPER SABADO!  15 de Diciembre  4p  Doubletree ~ Lloyd Center

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