Special WORK FROM HOME Guest Event APRIL 11! 

National Trainer, Former Small Business Owner, Teaches you how to WORK FROM HOME! A select group of successful Oregon entrepreneurs will also be training you!


Our National CDLP Trainer will be providing an AMAZING Business Overview

3p - www.AttendThisEvent.net - Live Via Zoom! 

Fun Starts at 2:45p - Virtual Meet and Greet! Connect with friends and introduce your guests!

4p - Training by your State of Oregon Home Based Business Pros! Convention Recap - Strategy for our 90 Day Run! Much More! 

Guest Are FREE!

Associates are FREE!

Join us for FUN and FREEDOM! 



In light of the recent events, the need for a flexible, work from home income is obvious! For 48 years our company has helped train everyday folks how to be home business professionals. Our services have truly become self-evident. While the flyer gives a physical location...the BIG EVENT will actually be held virtually via Zoom Webinar AND your ticket will work for the next live event. Zoom link is www.AttendThisEvent.net 

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